Getting the Electricity Connected house 17.1.1

We left for holidays with our electricity connection unresolved. We had signed up with a supplier and were waiting for the electricity network to connect us up. It was supposed to take 8 to 10 days, but more than two weeks later, we’d had no news. I’d tried phoning the supplier, but we were all waiting for the network contractor.

The project manager wanted the electricity on before we got back from holidays so they could test the heating system. So, while we were away, I found contact details for the electricity network people and managed to organise an appointment for the project manager to meet them on site and connect us up.

Build week 49: It was snowing for our recent visit

I was very pleased this visit to step inside the house and see the electrician there and the lights on. Our electricity was connected. The electrician installed all of our outdoor lights while we there, and he stood out in the wind and snow to do so. It is nice to see some of the finishing touches go on the house. From the outside, it looks almost finished now.

Build week 49: Smooth concrete covers the underfloor heating

Build week 49: Heating pipes emerge form the concrete

Inside, there is still plenty to be done. The heating system (the reason we needed the electricity connected) wasn’t there. There seems to be some delay with the delivery. The concrete upstairs was dry enough to walk on though, so we could go up and have a look. All the underfloor heating pipes are now permanently encased in that concrete, and the smooth, light-coloured surface makes a surprising difference to how the space feels. The floor tiling will be the next task, but everything has to wait until after they can install and run the heating.

Watch the video for this visit.

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