Little to See house 14.0.1

As we prepared for this site meeting, there was one thing I wanted to know. Would we get to see the underfloor heating?

The answer was no. There was very little to see at all this visit. So little, in fact, that we wondered if anything had changed. Things have been happening in the background. The project manager had questions and updates for us about the electrics and smoke alarms, but the big, visible changes have been delayed.

Build week 41: Autumn leaves

Build week 41: Changing views

There was one obvious change: our electricity cables are being connected. Inside, the pipes bringing electricity into the house are connected up. Outside, there is a big pit across the street containing a multitude of pipes and cables, some of which are labelled with our name. I was somewhat relieved to see this. After our last meeting, I had a series of phone calls trying to coordinate the contractor for the electricity grid and our electrician. They were supposed to be meeting on site, but the contractor was so late, that the electrician had already left before he arrived. I was never entirely convinced it had resolved itself, but evidently they sorted it out.

I’ve spoken to the project manager since our meeting; they have now started the underfloor heating and they are going to wait until after our next meeting before pouring the concrete on top of it. So, we’ll get to see it this time.

Build week 41: No changes outside the house

Watch the video for this visit.

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