Small Changes house 12.1.1

Progress on the house has felt slow the last couple of visits. It’s not that things have slowed down, there have actually been a lot of changes, but they are small changes and they don’t have the same sense of progress as the big changes earlier on.

The electrician is finishing off, and almost all of the lights, power points, and switches are finally in place (minus their finishing plates that go on later). The plasterer is tidying up, smoothing over all the joints and screws. The long-awaited external staircase has been built, and the plumber has started running pipes.

Build week 36: The plaster is being smoothed over

Build week 36: Plumbing going in

There have been some surprises, too. We have had to make more changes to the bathrooms. Do you remember the shelf we put in the main bathroom last time there were problems? That shelf is being extended, this time so the plumbing for the toilet can skirt a reinforced concrete beam that is in the way. In the other bathroom, we have had to rearrange the lights because they were too close to the shower. This came up weeks ago, back when they started the electrics, and I thought it had been resolved. It seems there were other requirements to consider. Hopefully it really is sorted this time.

Build week 36: More bathroom changes

Mostly, things are ticking along bit-by-bit. What we are really waiting for is the next big transformation, and I’m hoping it is not too far away. The external render is on site waiting to be applied, which will transform the outside of the house. And inside, they were preparing to pour more concrete for the underfloor heating system. I wonder if either of them are done yet?

Build week 36: Not much change outside

Watch the video for this visit.

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