Catching Up house 10.2.1

Our next site visit is rapidly approaching, and I’ve barely had time to catch my breath after the last one. Things are moving quickly, and combined with a busy work schedule, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed is exactly how we felt after the last meeting. Much of the electrics has been put in, and we needed to check everything was in the right place. We found mistakes- things missing, misplaced, or misunderstood. The continual whine of the plasterer’s drill in the background made it difficult to hear each other, and only added to the stress. Nothing was terrible, but it wasn’t a particularly positive meeting either.

Build week 33: Cables everywhere

Build week 33: Most of the plasterboard is done now

Build week 33: Electrics are going in

To reassure ourselves all was ok, we decided to visit the house again this weekend (the weekend between our usual fortnightly meetings). It was such a different experience to the week before. Many of the mistakes and problems have already been fixed up. We had time to walk around and check everything properly without being in the way of the tradespeople working on the house. In the process, we found a few important things we had missed during the previous visit.

We also had time to just enjoy it. The weather was good, and we had packed a little picnic, which we enjoyed on the balcony. We explored the further reaches of the garden, which are a bit more accessible now that the vegetation is starting to die back. And, we collected a handful of walnuts that had fallen from our recently discovered walnut tree. It was nice to remember some of the reasons we bought this plot of land in the first place.

Let’s see what this week brings.

Build week 33: View of the house from the bottom of the garden

Watch the video from our meeting visit, and our weekend visit alone.

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